Software Development and Support

 GPS Travel Companion


Ever lost your car, bush walk, travel on boats or just want to know what speed your travelling at any time.

This app is for you.

You can store up to two locations as reference points, at any one time, The application then calculates in real time, the direction and distance from these points relative to your current location. Then its a case of aligning the “Map North” to the compass “North” to get your bearings on the map. Then away you go.

Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  Multiplication Trainer


Fun and rapid method to learning the multiplication times tables, up to the 12 times table.

Learning is achieved through incremental repetitive reading and subsequent testing. You will be amazed with the results.

The number of iterations of reading sets of three timetable lines before being tested is configurable, as each individual is unique.

  Lucky Number Picker


A very easy to use, number generator, that is very configurable.

Use it to pick your lotto numbers, replace multiple or a single dice, choose your lucky numbers on a roulette wheel and more.

Allows you to choose
*The number of numbers to draw,
*The range in which they are to be drawn from
*Whether or not to allow duplicate numbers to be drawn,
*Whether or not to sort the numbers.

Cool Sound FX


A sounds app with a difference.
Choose your favourite sounds, from the initial collection of 30, then assign them to one of 15 buttons, so that you have the right sound available at your fingertips, quickly, when you need it.

You can even play multiple sounds in tandem by pressing more than one button at a time.

Choose to be funny, annoying or both. You are only limited by your imagination.

Photographic Evidence


Taking a photo as evidence with a difference.
Using the phone’s GPS, the image taken will have an information block that will also provide the following:
* Location (Latitude and Longitude)
* Altitude
* Accuracy
* Speed (Km/h or mph)
* Time and Date Stamp
The image taken will be store in your phone Photo Album.

Please Note: Continued use of the GPS  running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


A Support FAQ is available and can be found here.

For all application support/comments please email