Program Management Office (PMO) Services

Is your PMO achieving the results your organisation deserves?

Do you recognise that your organisation needs a support structure and process to drive it’s projects to succeed?


We offer a variety of services that are all aimed at establishing and or improving your PMO.Are we the silver bullet that can transform your existing PMO into a powerhouse ‘overnight’?
Maybe, in rare cases, but not likely. In established PMOs, it is generally a gradual change that needs to occur, with consultation, to ensure that there is willingness to see any changes brought in, persist for the long term good of the organisation.

Some of the things we do include:
Process Evaluation – Understanding your existing PMO Processes, and providing and evaluation.
Process Definition – Developing a robust process, and supporting document templates to suit your business.
Programme Governance – Ensuring that the defined process is adhered to and that your projects performance is real and visible.
Coaching and Mentoring – Aiding those project team members that want help to better themselves to deliver successful outcomes.
Tool Training – We can provide Primavera and MS Project Training.

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